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Johannes Willkomm Software Development


to the web home of Johannes Willkomm. I am a freelance software developer, programmer and IT consultant based in Aachen, Germany.

I provide consultancy and software development with a dual focus on both web services and numerical computing, especially MATLAB. I am an expert in web technologies such as HTML, JS, XML and XSLT and also proficient in many numerical and technical computing languages, primarily Matlab, but also C++, C, and Fortran.

A favourite method to me is source transformation which in my view has a role to play in almost any software project. Often source transformation or its cousins meta programming or code generation can bridge software gaps more reliably and safely than the more traditional software adapters.

I also offer tutorials and workshops on automatic differentiation, and especially for the software ADiMat (Automatic Differentiation for Matlab), which I have helped to develop.

I am currently looking for new projects to participate in. Feel free to contact me.